Stich Simon Marius

Simon Marius

Matematiker – läkare – astronomen

1573 – 1624

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    • The next annual general meeting will take place on January 15th, 2025 at 7 pm in the Regiomontanus Observatory in Nuremberg (Regiomontanusweg 1, 90491 Nürnberg, Germany).
    • Agenda:
      1. Greeting, election of the meeting speaker and the keeper of the minutes
      2. Steering Committee report and discussion
        • Number of Members
        • Events
        • Publications
        • Marius-Portal
        • Finances
      3. Result of the financial audit
      4. Discharge of the Steering Committee
      5. Plans for the year 2025, presentation and discussion
      6. Motions
      7. Resolution for next AGM
      8. Other
    • Current dates of events about Simon Marius can be found under “Events”.
    • Tips about astronomical activities in and around Nuremberg can be found in the newsletter Astronomie in Nürnberg.
    • Further dates of scientific occasions in the greater Nuremberg area can be found in the weekly updated survey (overview).


    • The Simon Marius Society has dedicated itself to the academic research of the life and work of the margravial mathematician, physician, and astronomer Simon Marius (1573–1624) and is committed to the distribution of the results of this research in academia, the education system, and to the general public through lectures, exhibitions, conferences and publications. In particular the Society runs the Internet platform “Marius-Portal”, which presents all documents by or about Marius making them available and accessible for a regional as well as an international audience of both academic experts and interested amateurs.
    • Office

    • Simon Marius Society
    • Hastverstraße 21, 90408 Nürnberg, Germany
    • T +49 911 81026-28, Fax +49 911 81026-12
    • Edition Simon Marius

    • The Simon Marius Society supports a book series under the title Edition Simon Marius. Volume 1 appeared as:
    • Hans Gaab and Pierre Leich (Eds.), Simon Marius und seine Forschung, Leipzig, 2016; also Acta Historica Astronomiae, Volume 57, ed. by Wolfgang Dick and Jürgen Hamel, Collected papers from the Conference „Simon Marius und seine Zeit“, Nürnberg, 20 September 2014
    • Volume 2 appeared as
    • Hans Gaab and Pierre Leich (Eds.), Simon Marius and His Research, Springer International Publishing, Cham/CH 2019, in the series Historical & Cultural Astronomy, series editor: Wayne Orchiston
    • Membership

    • The Society consists of full members (individual persons), corporate members (legal entities, associations), sustaining members, corresponding members, and honorary members. Sustaining members pay a membership fee of at least 60 Euro per calendar year. All other members are exempted from a membership fee. If you wish to become a member please contact the steering committee with a formless membership application.
    • Members of the Society are:
    • Full members
      OStD Dipl.-Math. Georg Altmann, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail
      Manfred J. Bauch, Sindelfingen (D) E-Mail
      Dr. Svetlana Begel, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Winfried Berberich, Gerchsheim (D) E-Mail Website
      Ferdinand Berger, Spalt (D) E-Mail
      Emmanuel Blum, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail
      Dr. Christian J. Büttner, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Thony Christie, Spardorf (D) E-Mail Website
      OBM Thomas Deffner, Ansbach (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Peter Degen, Ingolstadt (D) E-Mail
      Dr. Milan S. Dimitrijevic, Belgrade (RS) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Klaus-P. Dörpelkus, Beilngries (D) E-Mail
      Dr. Johannes Ebersberger, Bubenreuth (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Joachim W. Ekrutt, Hamburg (D) E-Mail
      Fabio Ferrario, Gallarate (VA) (I) E-Mail Website
      Dipl.-Phys. Helmut Fink, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      BM Karl-Heinz Fitz, Gunzenhausen (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Peter Friedrich, Poernbach (D) E-Mail Website
      Rüdiger Frisch, Fürth (D) E-Mail
      OStR Dr. Hans Gaab, Fürth (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Karl Galle, Silver Spring, Maryland (USA) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Dorit Glawion, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Christopher M. Graney, Louisville/KY (USA) E-Mail Website
      Brigitte Granier, Bubenreuth (D) E-Mail Website
      Françoise Gröning, Erlangen (D) E-Mail
      Marika Haag, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail
      Wolfgang Hahn, Erlangen (D) E-Mail
      Dr. Olivier Hainaut, Garching (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heber, Bamberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Walter Hehl, Thalwil (CH) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Klaus-Dieter Herbst, Jena (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Klaus Herzig, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Friedrich Hilterhaus, Ansbach (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Alfred Holl, Regensburg (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Dieter Hölzl, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Berthold Holzschuh, Aschaffenburg (D) E-Mail
      Dagmar Patricia Ibach-Schwarz, Höchstadt (D) E-Mail
      Karl-Heinz Ingenhaag, Baldham (D) E-Mail
      Gerhard Johannsen, Papenburg (D) E-Mail
      Günther Jost, Weidenbach (D) E-Mail
      Mark Kaller, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Keller, Stuttgart (D) E-Mail Website
      Siegfried Kett, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      StD Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kiesmüller, Herrieden (D) E-Mail Website
      SchAD Rolf Kimberger, Fürth (D) E-Mail
      StDin Gertrud König, Gunzenhausen (D) E-Mail
      StD Werner König, Gunzenhausen (D) E-Mail
      Rudolf Laux, Pfofeld-Langlau (D) E-Mail
      Maria Ria Leich, Nürnberg (D)
      Pierre Leich, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Gerd Loehr, Köln (D) E-Mail
      OStR i.R. Dipl.-Ing. Günter Löffladt, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Theodoor Egbert Benjamin Marius, Meerssen (NL) E-Mail Website
      Wolfgang Marius, Graz (AT) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Klaus Matthäus, Erlangen (D) E-Mail Website
      OStDin Caroline Merkel, Stein (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Benjamin Mirwald, München (D) E-Mail
      Dipl.-Phys. Roland Müller, Tübingen (D) E-Mail Website
      OBM Dr. Markus Naser, Rothenburg o.d. Tauber (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Ralph Neuhäuser, Jena (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Günther Oestmann, Bremen (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Osterhage, Wachtberg-Niederbachem (D) E-Mail Website
      Dipl.-Ing. Horst-Günter Pannach, Braunschweig (D) E-Mail
      OStR Dipl.-Phys. Rudolf Pausenberger, Lauf (D) E-Mail Website
      Dipl.-Ing. Peter Pohling, Dresden (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Michael Pragal, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail
      PD Dr. Ralph Puchta, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Isa Ranger, Höchstadt (D) E-Mail
      Dr. Rainer Rosenzweig, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Aviva Rothman, Cleveland, Ohio (USA) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Gero Rupprecht, Eching (D) E-Mail
      Jürgen Sadurski, Cadolzburg (D) E-Mail Website
      StD Joachim Schlör, Weißenburg (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Eckehard Schmidt, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Dipl.-Chem. (Univ.) Norman Anja Schmidt, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Dipl.-Phys. Ottmar Schmutterer, Ingolstadt (D) E-Mail
      Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Peter Schramm, Würzburg (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Georg Seiderer, Spardorf (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Fritz Siemsen, Bochum (D) E-Mail Website
      M.A. Torsten Sommer, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Stöhr, Altdorf (D) E-Mail
      Angelika Tarokic, Rothenburg o.d.T. (D) E-Mail Website
      Michael Thannhäuser, Hennef (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Christian Thiel, Erlangen (D) E-Mail Website
      Joachim Thiel, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Regina Umland, Mannheim (D) E-Mail
      Boureïma Uroogon, Bamako/Mali (ML) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Nicolaas J.R. van Eikema Hommes, Erlangen (D) E-Mail Website
      Chriska Wagner, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      OStDin Susanne Weigel, Gunzenhausen (D) E-Mail
      Emanuel Werbik, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Harald Wild, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      StD i.R. Alois Wilder, Theilenhofen (D) E-Mail
      Prof. Dr. Gudrun Wolfschmidt, Hamburg (D) E-Mail Website
      Prof. Dr. Klaus Peter Zeyer, Altomünster (D) E-Mail Website
      Dorothea Zwicker-Berberich, Gerchsheim (D) E-Mail Website
      Corresponding members
      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Görz, Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Dr. Jürgen Hamel, Bartelshagen (D) E-Mail Website
      Peter Hauge, Garding (D) E-Mail
      Prof. Dr. Fritz Krafft, Weimar a.d. Lahn/Marburg (D) Website
      Dr. Katya Tsvetkova, Sofia (BG) E-Mail Website
      Corporate members
      ART & Friedrich e.V., Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Astronomische Gesellschaft in der Metropolregion Nürnberg e.V., Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Bayerische Volkssternwarte München e.V., München (D) E-Mail Website
      Förderverein Planetarium Nürnberg e.V., Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Nürnberg-Loge e.V. Zur Burg Hohenzollern – Hain zur Erkenntnis im Deutschen Druiden-Orden VAOD e.V., Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Nürnberger Astronomische Arbeitsgemeinschaft e.V., Nürnberg (D) E-Mail Website
      Palitzsch-Gesellschaft e.V., Dresden (D) E-Mail Website
      Tobias Mayer Verein e.V., Marbach a.N. (D) E-Mail Website
      Deceased members
      Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Elterlein, Gunzenhausen (D) Website
      StD a.D. Geerd-Werner Groß, Weißenburg (D)
      Prof. Hanns Herpich, Nürnberg (D) Website
      Reinhold Kriegler, Dessau-Roßlau (D) Website
      Walter Leich, Nürnberg (D) Website
      Peter Louwman, Wassenaar (NL) Website
      Prof. Dr. Jay Pasachoff, Williamstown/MA (USA) Website
      Sepp Rothwangl, Graz (A) Website
      Dr. Karl Röttel, Eichstätt (D) Website
      Prof. Dr. Hanns Ruder, Tübingen (D) Website
      Dr. jur. Günter W. Zwanzig, Erlangen (D) Website
      Dissolved associations
      Cauchy-Forum-Nürnberg e.V., Nürnberg (D)
      Natur- und kulturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Ingolstadt–Eichstätt–Weißenburg–Neuburg–Beilngries e.V., Eichstätt (D)
    • Memberships

    • The Simon Marius Society is a member of the following associations:
      • Astronomische Gesellschaft in der Metropolregion Nürnberg e.V. (founded 2004)
      • Bayerische Volkssternwarte München e.V.
      • Palitzsch-Gesellschaft e.V., Dresden (founded 1999)
      • Tobias-Mayer-Verein e.V., Marbach a.N. (founded 1981)

Steering Committee

    • President: Pierre Leich
    • Vice President: Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kiesmüller
    • General Manager: Norman Anja Schmidt
    • Secretary: Brigitte Granier
    • Committee Members: Joachim Schlör and Dr. Klaus Matthäus
    • Finance Auditor: Dr. Klaus Herzig
    • Steering Committee 2021–2024
    • President: Pierre Leich
    • Vice Presidents: Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kiesmüller and Dr. Klaus Matthäus
    • General Manager: Norman Anja Schmidt
    • Secretary: Brigitte Granier
    • Committee Members: Joachim Schlör and Dr. Klaus Herzig
    • Finance Auditor: Monika Löffladt
    • Steering Committee 2018–2021
    • President: Pierre Leich
    • Vice Presidents: Joachim Schlör and Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kiesmüller
    • General Manager: Norman Anja Schmidt
    • Secretary: Rudolf Laux
    • Committee Members: Dr. Klaus Matthäus (for calendar issues) and Brigitte Granier
    • Finance Auditor: Monika Löffladt
  • SiMaG-Vorstand_preview.jpg
    • Steering Committee 2014–2017
    • President: Pierre Leich
    • Vice Presidents: Dr. Hans Gaab and Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kiesmüller
    • General Manager: Norman Schmidt
    • Secretary: Rudolf Laux
    • Committee Members: Dr. Klaus Matthäus (for calendar issues) and Joachim Schlör
    • Finance Auditor: Jürgen Krüger


    • The inaugural meeting of the Simon Marius Society took place in the Regiomontanus Observatory in Nuremberg on Wednesday the 17th December 2014.
    • The general statues to regulate membership, committee und elections of the Simon Marius Society can be found in the Society Statutes.
    • The Simon Marius Society fulfils the chartable purposes:
      • Furtherance of science and research
      • Furtherance of general and occupational education
      • Furtherance of local studies and local history
      and is authorised to issue donation ratifications.


    • Please enter password for internal area.


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    • Access to the administration area for the website – only permitted with special password.